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“Because we are family” XINPAI sports company activity


“Because we are family” XINPAI sports company activity


In order to enrich the staff's spare time, activate the company's cultural atmosphere, and enhance the cohesion between the company team, Foshan Nanhai XINPAI sports soccer goal basketball post Co., Ltd. organized all staff to barbecue at 5 p.m. in the factory yard 15 June. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, everyone feels the joy of "do it ourselves, enjoy our life".


During the barbecue process, female colleagues cooperated with each other in washing vegetables and prepare material, while male colleagues were busy rising fire. The scene was not lively. Everyone has put out their talents, fully demonstrating their practical ability and food appreciation ability. Everyone is smiling and full of joy. Everyone is busy with their feet. Several colleagues' barbecue art makes everyone laugh. In the process of making and sharing delicious food, the pressure of work is released and the feelings between colleagues are exchanged.


During the barbecue process, in order to strengthen communication and enrich barbecue activities, colleagues set up some game item sand push the atmosphere to the climax.


Through this barbecue activity, not only alleviated the staff's normal work pressure, relaxed their mood, strengthened the exchanges between employees of various departments, let us devote more enthusiasm to the future work, but also further strengthened the team spirit of employees. We all hope to bring that pleasant atmosphere to work and continue to develop mutual assistance. The spirit of industrial cooperation makes today's standard company more cohesive and centripetal.