Cost of Table Tennis Table: Get Top Value for

by:Xinpai     2020-04-29
Official competition table tennis tables come in regulation sizes of 9feet long by 5 feet wide. Other tables are smaller in sizes like some leisure tables and the mini tables. These are constructed from various types of materials such as solid wood, particle fiberboard, reinforced fiberglass, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc. Many features such as quality of the materials used, the way the table is folded and stored, its weight, the thickness, design of the table, the kind of coating and finish of the surface top, the mechanism of the undercarriage, the wheels and brake mechanism and brand name determine the cost of table tennis tables. Many popular brands have been in the market for many years and have created world champions. This kind of brand will definitely be more expensive than the other brands. Millions of people all over the world are buying ping pong tables and its accessories to enjoy playing this phenomenally popular sport. There are many types and designs of ping pong tables which are ideal for youth clubs, schools, institutions and homes. Many manufacturers have classified their products into leisure, outdoor, indoor, competition, ping pong conversion tops and mini types and have different price ranges. Some manufacturers and retailers have used table tennis equipments being sold at 50-60% discount off the brand new price. On the average, you can safely buy a reasonably priced ping pong table and conversion table top from a low of $ 100 up to more than $ 2,000, depending on the brand name, features and the unique characteristics of the table. If you want the get a top branded table, you can search the retail stores and websites of Stiga, Butterfly, Joopla, Prince, Sportscraft, Kettler, and other popular brands to view their products and prices. Take a look at the Optimum 30 model from Stiga which sells for $1399. How come it is priced at this amount? Evaluate the features: It has a 30mm thick top instead of just 25 mm. The steadiness and regularity of the ball bounce is unmatched. Its surface top undergoes a multi-layer treatment and has a unique finish coating to provide appropriate shine. Its weight is 146 kg under Class A packaging in double cartons. It has other stable features when it comes to folding, undercarriage, wheel casters, safety lock, leveling, playback capability, etc. This model is very durable and designed to last for many years. Another popular model is the Stiga Thunder Outdoor table which is an all weather table with a permanently attached net. This model has many outstanding features like playback mode, excellent surface ball bounce, versatility and superb weatherability. You can also use it for indoor play. Its cost is around $ 850. Another brand which is claimed to be the best in pro bounce ball is the Butterfly Centerfold 25 Sky Rollway model which sells for $1,925 online. It's got a name and record to protect, being the official table of the 2004 US Open ITTF Pro Tour Championships. It has a new look with its legs painted red and placed at 400 mm inward to accommodate handicapped players. It has its surface top colored blue and other features which provide safety, sturdiness, quality performance and consistent top rating. Whatever type of ping pong table you like, be it for family hobby, leisure and recreation, for indoor or outdoor use, for tournament competition or for schools, youth clubs and institutional use, you should choose a model and brand which fits your needs and you budget. You get a much higher value for your cost of table tennis table based on the brand name you select if it is a breeder of champions, its possession is a status symbol and its life span is longer than the others. You get top value for your money if you develop closer and more loving relationships with your family and friends as you share the fun and enjoyment with all kinds of experiences and memories to treasure in playing this wonderful sport.
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