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Foshan Nanhai XINPAI soprts Co,. Ltd Develop Fire Safety Knowledge Training


Foshan Nanhai XINPAI soprts Co,. Ltd

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In order to further strengthen the staff's fire safety education, enhance the staff's fire safety awareness, enforce the methods to improve the ability to respond to emergencies and correct use of fire extinguishers and escape. On the morning of May 20, Foshan Nanhai XINPAI soprts Co,. Ltd entrusted local fire safety office launched a fire safety knowledge training, which was delivered by experienced Chief Engineer Mr. Lee and attended by dozens of employees at headquarters.


In the course of training, Mr. Lee gave a deep and shallow explanation on the basic knowledge of fire control inspection and evacuation escape, emergency and prevention of fire fighting, and correct use of fire fighting equipment. Special emphasis is laid on the safety of power consumption, such as cutting machine switch in the back, special attention should be paid to avoid accidents while working; the use of large-scale equipment such as aircraft, forklift trucks must be carried out in strict accordance with production safety standards. After that, combined with fire cases in various places, we should pay great attention to fire safety, constantly enhance fire safety awareness, strengthen fire safety management, and take the initiative to do a good job in the fire safety work of units and families. Finally, in view of some problems encountered in the actual work, we will answer them to improve their understanding and understanding of fire safety work.


The fire safety training has effectively raised the awareness of fire safety of all employees, strengthened fire fighting and rescue skills, improved everyone's quick response ability in emergency situations, correctly grasped the basic methods of fire fighting and self-rescue, improved the ability of actual response and disposal of emergency safety events, and laid a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the fire safety work of Sino-Swiss science and technology.