Games You Can Play Outside With Basketball Hoops

by:Xinpai     2020-05-06
A basketball hoop is one of the most versatile sporting equipment items you can have as part of your home. Whether you use a wall mounted, in-ground, or portable hoop, you will have a piece of equipment that will bring you years of fun. Hoops aren't just for the traditional game of basketball. There are many other fun games you can play that both children and adults will enjoy. Here are some games you can play outside with a basketball hoop. One on One A simple game of one on one is fun for anyone. For a parent and child, a game of one on one is a great time to engage is some basic lessons about the game of basketball like how to shoot, how dribble and how to go in for the rebound. For more of a challenge, two adults can engage in a full on game of one of one to show off skills. For teenagers, one on one can be a fun time to challenge friends and earn bragging rights. You can make your own rules and place your own wagers. Horse In this variation of horse (there are many), the first person makes any kind of shot they can think of. Overhead, behind the back, under the leg, a slam dunk, a rim shot, or any other creative and unique shot. If that player makes the shot, the next player has to make the exact same shot and do it in the same exact manner. If they fail to make the shot, they get the letter 'H'. If they make the shot they get back in line and the next player makes a brand new shot. Every time a shot is successfully made the person who made it goes to the end of the line. Every time a shot is missed, the person who missed gets a letter. The first person to spell 'horse' is out. The game is creative and fun for the whole family. And you don't have to spell horse, you can choose any other word, long or short, to spell. Around the World Each basketball court has an outlined area called 'the key'. The key has six points plus the free throw line. Each person starts at the side of the basket and attempts two shots. If either of the two shots is made, that person goes to the next point on the key. If neither shot is made, that person is out of the game. The first person to make it around the world wins. Within the basic rules of this game, there is a lot of spice you add. You can make fun shots, outrageous attempts, or classic shots. This game is fun for children and teenagers, as well as adults. This is also a fun way as a coach to challenge your team to practice shots at the basketball hoop. Whatever games you choose to play, having an outside basketball hoop will give you many options for fun, challenging games.
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