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How do we rebuilt soccer goal play court economically economy downturn for combating COVID-19

How do we rebuilt soccer goal play court economically economy downturn for combating COVID-19


As plague ramp up throughout the world, people are suggested to exercise with the aim to improve body strength and body health which will enhance our immune system to defeat COVID-19, however, there remains another battle invisible, defends our life against an economic downturn. To solve the question, our XINPAI sports propose a new method like never before that to replace worn our part instead of rebuilt full and complete size court for soccer game.


Artificial grass soccer play court, otherwise, known as 11 on 11 person football playground, having been boosting since 2015, the first batch of courts are now reaching their life length and waiting renewed. However, the cost used to beyond the reaches of most entities’ budgets. 


Universally, the average cost of artificial grass in soccer goal play court is from USD 8 to USD 23 per square meter uneven, with the unit cost, one standard soccer play court, for example, 11 on 11 persons standard soccer goal game, which requires one pair of 7.32*2.44 meter aluminum soccer goal (8*24 ft portable aluminum soccer goal), court size with 105 meters long and 68 meters wide (FIFA final court), which means a full-court cost equals from USD 57120 to USD 164220, USD 8 to USD 23 times 7140 square meter (8*7140 to 23*7140).


With the formula, we can feel free to calculate the cost of different soccer play court, a 5 on 5 persons soccer play court, which require 3*2 m aluminum soccer goal, or so-called 6.6*9.8 ft aluminum portable soccer goal, its court is 42 meters long and 22 meters wide, which means, the cost of the court is from USD 7392 to USD 21252.


Mending an artificial grass soccer playground, purchasing new pairs of portable aluminum soccer goals. The project is challenging for us, because our customers required to replace the lines that are worn out.

The major reason for avoiding full-court replacement is our suggestion of reducing unnecessary budget to compound the economy downturn year.

Try to think in the shoes of our customers, try to band us with customers' interest, try to see into the difficulties together, try to looking forward to a new perspective looming in the coming days.