How The Game Of Basketball Has Changed

by:Xinpai     2020-04-13
When the game of basketball was first invented in 1891 by James Naismith it was a means to get exercise and stay in shape for the students at the YMCA International Training Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. The winters there were long and hard in that part of the country and Naismith made efforts to come up with a game that the students would both enjoy and benefit from. After a few failed attempts, he finally introduced one that proved immensely popular and which has remained so to this day. There have been many changes, however, to that original game in the 120 years since it's inception. Among the original rules that no longer apply were the following: - Game time would consist of two 15 minute halves - When either team made three consecutive fouls, the opposing team would - get a goal - when the ball goes out of bounds, it is thrown in by the official and played by the first person who touches it That first game was played with a soccer ball which was thrown into peach baskets. We've come a long way since then and today's modern facilities are typically equipped with a sturdy basketball goal that puts the basket at a height of 10 feet and has an 18' rim which is attached to a basketball backboard. Today, the game when played professionally, is made up of four quarters each lasting 12 minutes with a 15 break at half-time. Points are not awarded to a team when the opposing team scores consecutive fouls but must be earned. Out of bounds balls are given to the team who did not last touch the ball before it went out of bounds. There have been many other rule changes and additions since the early days of this game but it has remained a very popular and much loved sporting event.
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