How to Learn More About Your Adversary in Ping Pong

by:Xinpai     2020-04-29
If you usually participate in ping pong tournaments and competitions, then you know how important it is to gather up some information about your adversary before the game. Every detail of his/her style matters because it can help you set up the serves and strikes needed to win the game. Here are some tips that can help you create your plan to win against another player: Practice as much as you can. You should always use a table that has similar features to the tables you usually play while participating in the competition, like for example a Joola tennis table or any other brand. If you played against that opponent before you should think about the patterns he/she uses in terms of how he/she serves, what is his/her favorite shot or counter. If you did not play against him/her before then you can search for videos of that player or you can just ask around about the style he/she uses. While in a competition a player feels the pressure, therefore you should check out the way he/she reacts under pressure or whether he/she tends to do any specific mistakes. Another important aspect of your opponent is his/her temperament. Thus, during the game check and see his/her reactions and act accordingly towards them. The technique of a player is also important because it can tell you his weak and strong points and whether he/she is slow or tends to move a lot around the tennis table. The easiest way to get some info about your adversary is by checking out the gear, especially the paddles. Since you are playing at a professional level you already know a thing or two about the types of paddles out there and the rubbers. Use what you know about them to counter the servers and strokes that he/she might have prepared for you.
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