How to Maintain Your Focus During an Important

by:Xinpai     2020-04-25
Whenever you are doing an activity for a long time, you tend to lose your focus gradually because you get tired or simply because the action becomes monotonous. This is also true for the ping pong game and most of the sports out there. The reasons this is happening are various, meaning you get distracted, you are unhappy with some previous wrong serves or you focused too much and the game lasts longer than expected. Here are some tips about what to think of while playing in a ping pong tournament: 1. Always think about what you are going to do next and not about the serves you lost. It is normal to lose some serves. Keep in mind that you are playing against another human being that has the same or better skills than you and that prepared himself/herself for the competition. Thus, try to concentrate on what you are doing right now and what are the best solutions to counter your opponent. 2. Try not to look at the score table If the big difference between you and your opponent bothers you, then simply do not look at the score table because it can get you down and therefore you can do more mistakes. 3. Try not to over-analyze the serves Force yourself not to think about the many ways you could have countered a certain serve because it can distract you from the next shots you have to take. Before an important competition practice a lot on a professional table, like the Double Happiness tennis table for instance. When you practice, make sure that you see your paddle as an extension of your hand so that the shots you take come as a reflex.
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