Much Ado About Table Tennis Robots

by:Xinpai     2020-04-28
What is a table tennis robot? How are they used? Could you benefit from the use of one? There is actually more information out there about these nifty tools then you might think. If you use game tables for ping pong, anywhere in the world, you might find yourself training with a table tennis robot. These are robots or machines built basically to simulate the motions and game play of an opponent. It shoots balls at you at varying speeds from different positions on the tennis table. Some of them are backed by nets that catch the balls and sometimes feed the balls back into the machine. Most robots are remarkably similar and have three pretty simple components. •Nets to catch the balls as you return them.•A programmable control box generally attached to the tennis table for easy access that controls the firing of the balls, position and speed.•A place to load the balls. Everyone from a well-seasoned tennis player to a novice just beginning to learn the game can benefit from using these. If you need to practice or tweak some of your routines or strokes it can help you get that done. It can also help you to get much faster at something you already do correctly. Be careful though as these robots can also accidentally help you to learn something incorrectly. Make sure you know the techniques and swings before you begin to use this tool. Repetition can make a good swing better, but it can also make a bad swing worse. Table tennis robots can also help facilitate good, fun exercise. Do you have kids that lay around all day playing video games or watching TV? Get them into tennis with this robot! Playing with a ping pong robot takes up a lot less space than playing with another player, so is more likely to be a good fit in a basement game room or garage. Table tennis can also help you as an adult to get back into shape. You have to move and exert all parts of your body to intercept and return those balls. Fun work outs always go faster! Not all are the simplistic machines mentioned above. In 2005 a company called TOSY Robotics began a project called 'TOPIO'. TOPIO stands for TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot. First publicly demonstrated in 2007 TOPIO has abilities that normal table tennis robots cannot such as balanced bipedal walking, motion control, recognition of fast moving objects and artificial intelligence. Make sure that you are purchasing your table tennis robot from a reliable shop. You can find these when you review online recommendations. You can also Google ping pong accessory, and this is likely to be one of the items that comes up in an internet search. These neat little robots can be found all over the world, and many professional table tennis players use them for practice when they need to spend extra hours playing and practicing and no one else is available.
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