Table Tennis Basics

by:Xinpai     2020-04-20
Table tennis is one way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Also called ping pong, this game can be played indoors or outdoors by for two to four players. It is suitable for children and adults at varying skill levels, which makes it a popular and affordable form of family entertainment at home. Table tennis tables are typically portable and can be set up or stowed away fairly easily, depending on the table's design. Outdoor designs are specially coated to be ultraviolet (UV) protected and resistant to expanding and contracting in hot and cold temperatures. They also come with table tennis covers for easy storage and added protection from inclement weather. Play It takes coordination, dexterity, energy and practice to play table tennis well. Being able to read the opponent's potential shots may make the game easier for those who have been playing longer. It is similar to tennis, but scaled down to occur on a tabletop. According to the International Table Tennis Federation, games are played to 11 points, with matches made up of an odd number of games to suit the players. It can be played informally or in a tournament. Competitors should wear comfortable clothing and sensible shoes while playing the game with proper ping pong equipment. Fitness Pingpong is one sport that uses several muscle groups in the body, from the forearms to the shoulders through the back and chest, down to the thighs and hips. Hand grips and foot mobility also play a role in the game. The number of calories burned depends on how vigorously the players are hitting the ball and scrambling to return. It is a game of hand-eye coordination that requires some flexibility and use of energy. Whether played casually with friends and family or through organized tournaments, ping pong has many fitness benefits, including added muscular endurance and improved cardiorespiratory functions. Equipment The basic equipment needed to play the sport is a ping pong table with a net, table tennis paddles and ping pong balls. Since tables are made for use either indoors or outdoors, materials and sizes vary. Some aluminum outdoor table tennis tables provide better bounce, which offers more excitement and a better fitness workout for players. Which type to choose depends on the skill level and dexterity of the player, budget and where it will be used. Some ping pong sets come with accessories, allowing players to choose what type of paddle or what type of balls they want. Players may be looking for paddles that are waterproof, durable, lightweight and ergonomic. Ping pong paddles are typically made of wood or resin with synthetic rubber surfaces. Paddles are designed for use toward a player's strengths, so some may enhance a player's speed or give a player better control. Others offer an ergonomic foam grip.
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