Table Tennis Equipment, Scoring

by:Xinpai     2020-05-02
Table tennis which is also called ping pong is a sport where single's or couple's play against each other with the use of a table, bat and light plastic ball for the intent to win a match game. Similar to how tennis is played on court. You can either play it socially or professionally by joining a local club. My Ideal Table tennis Equipment Table tennis equipment needed to play a game consists of a hard table which commonly are made up of chipboard, coated by a layer of friction polymer and can either be 19mm to 25mm in table I use personally is a fold up table manufactured by DHS which make's my life way easier when chosen to play outside, especially in summer seasons. It can also be a great portable table for working on or parties. A table tennis net always has to have a good pair of clamps, especially with good rubbers on each clamp. This way your table reduces clamp scratches and groves dug into it, but most of all is having to tighten up a loose net due to a pair of budget clamps while in the middle of a great set. For a paddle or bat I always love using Stiga bats because how fast you can adjust to them and the type's of pads they use on there blades. If you've ever compared the quality between a budget bat that you can buy for 2 dollars at your local 2 dollar store and a bat that was made and supplied by a well known table tennis bat manufacturer such as Stiga at a sports store then you can understand the performance difference between both bats, which is speed and grip differences. Game Duration Before the year 2001 table tennis match score's were played up-to 21 points plus 5 serves allocated to each player. But after this date rules have changed to 11 points and 2 serves allocated to each player, but when playing socially it's totally up to you and your challenger to decide especially if playing the game as a marathon. Scoring points Player fails to serve the ball to opposition for example net obstruction or ball not in contact with table. Returning ball when not in contact of table or allowing the ball to bounce while in play. Double bouncing before hitting the ball back to opposition. Double hitting when playing in groups of two.
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