Table Tennis Racquets: Important Basic Facts to Know

by:Xinpai     2020-05-01
If you are just a beginner and would like to enter the exciting world of table tennis or ping pong, one of the most vital things you should familiarize yourself with is the basic knowledge about table tennis racquets. That is the term given by the International Table Tennis Federation. In America, they fondly call it a paddle while in Europe, the term being used is table tennis bat. Other names are blade, table tennis rubber blade, etc. There are many types of table tennis racquets. What a newbie should do is to invest in several kinds of these bats or paddles. It has been proven that the more expensive and quality wise your racquet is and if it really suits you, your performance in each session or game will be better. You should therefore get a low priced, medium priced and expensive type. This is the investment you should consider if you are really serious in getting into the game for hobby and competition. Make if your goal to purchase a top brand custom made table tennis racquet. What you should do is to go to the net and study the different paddles and brands available and their performance ratings. There are paddles with better rubbers, sponge and better wood. The ones which are scientifically designed, developed and built are your best gunners. Get into the business of knowing what brands and types of paddles champions are using. After you have done with your research, decide to buy your beginner paddle. Get 2 or 3 outstanding branded ones if your funds will allow. When you try them out, the best paddle will be the one where you can deliver a more accurate ball spin. If your perception happens to be that all table tennis racquets are the same and everything depends upon the skills and luck of a player, then, you are in trouble. They are not the same. If you let a friend use a paddle that gives you winning performance, you will be surprised to find out a different result and reaction from your buddy. Maybe he is not holding it properly or the paddle is not the suitable one for him. Grip also plays an important role. If you have a firm grip and control, it is most likely that you will perform better with such racquet. As soon as you have your beginner paddles, maintenance and take care of them are vitally essential. You should know if it is time for you to replace the rubbers. Bottom line is you should keep your table tennis racquets in tip top shape and condition. Nonetheless, even if you are just a beginner, it is worthwhile to get inspiration from the professional competitors. World champions come from Sweden, China and Japan. You will be encouraged to get serious with the game as an excellent type of exercise and sports hobby by reading and viewing championship games. Just to give you some basic knowledge about these bats, paddles or racquets. Players have personal preference when it comes to the rubber. An aggressive offensive player selects a rubber which can give them their desired overall speed like 70 and above speed. Another player may go for the 50 or below speed. The thickness of the sponge is another matter because it determines your control and speed. If you want better control, get a thinner sponge and thicker, if you prefer more speed. With regards the blade, everything depends on your style. You can choose the all around blade first. As you progress, you can get a straight which is the one preferred by many professional players. You can opt also for the anatomic, conic or flared type. If offense is your forte, get the 7-9 ply blade. Again, all depends on your style. It will take some time for you to determine which paddle is best suited for you. Grip control is very important to consider when you are deciding on which table tennis racquets to buy. Get the bats you are most comfortable and relaxed with. Knowing these basic facts will aid you greatly as you take your game upwards to each level.
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