Table Tennis Table: Your Guide to Choosing the Best One

by:Xinpai     2020-05-01
Choosing the best table tennis table can be a daunting task. Gone are the days of slapping a piece of plywood down, painting some lines and getting into a game. Being able to play at home on a real table is a great luxury and benefit to those looking to have a little fun as well as those who have edged forward and take the sport a bit more seriously. Below, you'll see some great suggestions about how you can make your table tennis table purchase enjoyable and productive. 1. Don't let the price fool you. Buying the most expensive table or the one with the best brand recognition is not always necessary. If you're an accomplished player, you may find a need to splurge for a high end ping pong table. If your goals are less lofty, purchasing a table based on a reasonable budget is just fine. forget the grand claims of the manufacturers. Unless you are already playing at state or national level, it's unlikely that you need the most expensive table tennis table in the range - and even then I would think twice at paying that much. 2. Hide that table? Some tables are permanent in nature and are not easily moved. However, most tables nowadays easily fold so they can be stowed away. If you feel that you would like to move your unit to a different location for storage purposes, be sure to find a table that transports or rolls easily. Foldable ping pong tables are common and highly functional. If you're looking for a rolling table tennis table, be sure to look for a model with brakes to hold it in place and prevent unwanted movement. 3. That table's thick! There are a variety of options when it comes to a table's thickness. Avid and experienced players typically look for tables that are A� inches thick or more. Beginning or recreational players may not notice a difference when playing on tables of lesser thickness. 4. It's all in the Legs. It's critical that your ping pong tables' legs and support are solid. The table should not experience any shakiness or instability else your game may suffer. Ever sat down at a restaurant and noticed that your table was out of balance? Well, many floors are uneven and tables need adjusting. You may want to look for a table that has adjustable leg bottoms in case there is a case of uneven floors or table legs. 5. Are you a brand buyer? Personally, I couldn't care less about the name of my ping pong table. Among the recognized manufactures are Stiga, Butterfly, Sportcraft, and Kettler. Although buying a recognized name brand may have some advantages, don't let that control your buying decision. Make a decision based on your preferences not the advertising power of a large manufacturer. 6. What the Warp? Unfortunately, warped ping pong tables are not too uncommon. Be sure to carefully check your potential new table for warping issues. Take a friend along for a second opinion. Look at the table from different angles to make sure that there are no issues. 7. Net Results The right kind of net can make a difference in the longevity of your table and appearance. Some nets have poorly designed clamps which can scratch and damage tables Be sure to get net with proper cushions so that your table is not ruin3d by a cheap net clamp. Now that you're ready for a real ping pong table, it's time to narrow down your choices with this guide that should help to point you in the right direction. Ping pong tables are not cheap. Be sure to do your homework and research so you can make the best buying decision.
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