The Thickness and Quality of Table Tennis Table

by:Xinpai     2020-04-20
Many experts believe that the quality and thickness of your table tennis table top will determine the dynamism of the ball bounce and the creation of various technical spin shots by the players of the game of ping pong. If you are serious to develop your skills in this sport, it is vital that you are aware of how the construction of table top can affect its performance. In your choice of a perfect table top, you have to consider factors such as the aesthetic beauty of the design, color and smoothness of the surface. Its thickness, configuration and materials used are the features that create a good impression with the buyer. A sleek laminated playing surface can develop awesome spin drives that will amaze the player and observers. A thicker top improves the quality of the ping pong table top. The official color in international competitions approved by the International Table Tennis Federation is either blue or green. These colors were given approval after a period of experimentation to determine the best kind for television audience. Color plays an important role in providing harmony or contrast to the color of the surrounding area like the flooring, walls and background. It can be a distraction or attraction. Table thickness of 25mm provides the best quality of playing spins and ball bounce because of its more solid feature. The support under the top should be even because it has an effect also on the performance of the bounce quality of a table. Being warp resistant is also a characteristic of a properly laminated table top. Warping can affect the performance of the ball bounce on the table. It can also develop cracks due to moisture if not properly constructed or laminated. Official material for tournaments is a wooden top. Many manufacturers have table tops of plywood, particle board, aluminum metal, concrete or fiberglass. Some tops have 15mm up to 19 mm thickness which is less expensive and ideal for beginners but they do not produce a good ball bounce. How about a conversion table top? If you want versatility and have a pool table around your place, you can purchase a table tennis conversion table top kit. You can just place the padded foam backing on top of the pool table and you can begin to play ping pong. It has a regulation size of 9' x 5' table top with A� thickness play surface. It is easy to install with a four piece hinged design. The material is easy to fold for storage and is available in green or blue. The kit includes the rails, nets set, a two player racket set and three ping pong balls. You just have to monitor the proper installation and storage after your game to keep its quality and performance in excellent condition. You can purchase your table tennis table tops from online manufacturers, local table tennis club or sports shops. If you go online, you can visit the websites of reputable table tennis manufacturers such as Adidas, Bribar, Cornilleau, Donic, Dunlop, Double Happiness, Halex, Jaques, Juic, Kalahari, Sportscraft, TSP, Yasaka, Killerspin, Marquis, Optima, Prince, Robbins, Tibhar, Lynx and others. Study and compare their products and prices as well as their incentive offers and have your order of table top and other accessories delivered to your door for free.
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