time to decide on a favourite cause.

by:Xinpai     2019-10-22
Today we introduce you to the community groups at Teesside who need your help to get a 30,000 share.
This is our third wish event with more than 200 registered groups
Every one is guaranteed to get expenses from our piggy bank.
But the size of the check will depend on the amount of token support they receive from evening readers.
Starting today, in the next nine weeks, we will print the wish token on the bulletin every day (
Look at the main newspaper and find the token for tonight).
The cash pool will be divided by the number of tokens collected-
Therefore, the larger the token share of a group, the greater its share.
Remember each token count-
So be sure to help your favorite career.
Our registered groups include schools, sports clubs, animal charities, and groups for the elderly, and there\'s more to that.
Our team is all over Teesside, covering every community and every age group.
In this particular 16-
The page adds that we have a detailed list of each group in our wish list to help you decide which group to support.
We will tell you what the team has done and why you need your help.
We have posted a name and address to send your token.
You can also go online to our community website on gazettelive. co.
Ukto find groups that collect tokens in your postal area.
Each group was sent a startup package-
Include a tokenccollection box-
Help them collect tokens in their own communities.
Groups need to collect as many tokens as possible and we will let everyone know their share of 30,000.
Darren sivites, editor of The Evening News, said: \"We are pleased with the number of groups applying to share our wish funds.
We know that every community has a lot to work on, bringing real change to the people they serve.
It\'s a good thing to be able to come up with 30,000, especially at this time of the recession.
We know it will be well used locally.
\"We hope that this supplement will give readers the opportunity to decide on their favorite cause of support and collect tokens, which will make sure it gets as much cash as possible.
Q: What is desire?
A: This is an evening bulletin campaign to give £ 30,000 to community groups in the Tees Valley.
Q: How many groups will benefit?
A: All groups registered on our wish list are guaranteed to have A portion of cash.
Q: How will you decide what share will be gained for each group?
A: It depends on how many tokens each group collects.
The bigger their share of tokens, the bigger their share of cash. Q: When will the token run in the newspaper?
A: The first token was printed on the main paper today.
Tokens will run every day for the next nine weeks.
Q: How do I know which group to support?
A: each group on our wish list is in this supplement.
You can also go online to our community website on gazettelive. co.
UK to find out what groups are in your postal area.
In this way, you can choose a group that is directly beneficial to your community.
Q: How do I know where to send the token?
A: We have printed an address for each group in this supplement so that people can post their tokens.
We also give each group a collection box where porters can drop their tokens.
Q: How do I know if my team is doing a good job?
A: Each group will count their tokens and we will print weekly updates on paper to show their performance. Final share
After all tokens are sent in for counting, out will be displayed in paper form.
Q: When will we know how much cash each group has won?
A: We will run another paper supplement in the decembershow, showing how much money each group gets.
* Please email co-if you have any other questions-
Vikki-Hawkins coordinator at VikkiHawkins @ gazzettemedia. co.
Uk or call 01642 234233.
Which group will you support?
View everything in the next 13 pages. 1869 (Middlesbrough)SQN ATC 1869 (Middlesbrough)
The Air Force Training Squadron is a youth organization that volunteers young people between the ages of 13 and 20.
We offer flying, taxiing, shooting, sports, leadership and life skills, and the Duke of Edinburgh program, all in a safe and structured environment.
Send token: 1869 Squadron ATC, TA, Coulby Newham, middersburg, TS8 0TQ in the District of Ridgeway.
1st Brotton GuidesBROTTON Guides is a group of 25 girls between the ages of 10 and 15 who enjoy their happiness together.
The money we got from Wish last year was used to buy new tents for the girls.
Send token: month CollingwoodChase, bloton, sorteburn-by-the-Sea.
1st Brotton Rainbows BROTTONRainbows is a group of 10 girls aged 5 to 7 who meet once a week with three dedicated volunteer leaders for entertainment, games and crafts.
This year, our wish application will help our girls to celebrate the girls\' guidance of various events in 2010.
12 Collingwood Chase, Bruton, Salisbury-by-the-Sea.
1st EgglescliffeScout group send token: 85 green space, Eaglescliffe, Stocktonon T-shirt, ts160hr.
The 1st Fairfield Scout Group was established in 1944 and includes all reconnaissance sections of Beaver, cub, Scout, Explorer Scout to young/adult leaders.
We only rely on volunteers in order to succeed.
The money we get from Wish will be used to renovate our own headquarters.
Send tokensto: T-shirts for month Sawley Lin, Hartburn, Stockton, ts185pr.
1st skeGirls brigade February we will celebrate GirlsBrigade Musk, aged 6-10-by-the-
We celebrate when we hope.
This year we had a great time at the annual weekend in Scarborough, and our three older daughters and four older boys completed their silver prize adventure.
Send tokens to: 19 zetelan Road, Musk-by-the-Sea, TS11 7HF.
On the 15 th, the Bishop of the San Trinity Methodist Church on the 15 th wanted to participate in the celebration because it was 100 year of the instructor.
There are many camps, outings and activities around the world to celebrate.
We found it difficult to raise money, and the money we got from Wish last year was very valuable.
Send tokens to: 20Am bleside Grove in TS5 7DQ Fort Akram.
At the same time as regular badge work, 1st New Marske Girls Brigade, the girls received the Adventure Challenge Award and the Duke of Edinburgh award.
Our band led the memorial parade in New Marske, who led the Santa parade in Marske last year.
We are described as a young and dynamic group in the community.
Send tokens to: 11 Carnoustie Road, NewMarske, Redcar, TS11 8DL.
1st Norton Scouts send tokens to TS20 1EF Stockton Norton Jameson Road 8.
2nd the second group of Hart\'s reconnaissance team, the ndHartburn reconnaissance team, began on 1959.
The children participated in different activities both indoors and outdoors, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the various scouts.
We serve children from different backgrounds, so any money raised helps ensure that everyone has access to Scouts (
At least 50 years! ).
Send the token to: TS23 3DH 30 Dunsley Avenue than Linghan. 266 (
Stockton on Tees)SQN A. T.
CBand sends tokens to 87 Delhi Road, London, Stockton.
2nd Broughton BrowniesSend token: educational center in St Marquette, Broughton, sorteburn Road-by-the-Sea. 2nd Normanby (St George\'s)
Scout Group 2nd Normanby (St George\'s)
The Scout Group has set up Beaver, CUB and scout groups for boys and girls aged 6 to 14.
All departments take part in a variety of exciting events and usually receive badges and achievement awards.
New members are welcome.
Send tokens to: 6 TS7 9RH Fort omesbeokfield gardens.
2nd Saltburn bronnisend tokens to: Patricia Maynard, 14 marl, ske Mill Lane, Patricia burn-by-the-Sea. 3rd Teesville (St Georges)
We are a group of girls aged 7 to 11 from different backgrounds.
We get together to participate in activities that promote friendship and personal growth.
Last year\'s donations were used to fund our annual summer camp, enabling everyone to attend without financial constraints.
We hope to do the same this year to provide this opportunity for the girls.
Send the token to: 10 Lastingham Avenue, TS6 9DG Fort mi Eston.
Norton brownie 2009 is a century-old year for the Association of Directors.
Norton Brownie has been in business for 56 years and has been strongly supported by the local community.
We want our brownie to have a fun-filled weekend at the Waddow Hall guidance center, where they can take part in a variety of events to honor the delivery of tokens to: Norton, Stockton,
Rdmiddlescout Scout Group 53rd middlescout Group is managed by volunteers with the aim of enabling young people aged 6 to 15 to develop in terms of spirit, body and spirit.
This is done through an internal and external activity and adventure plan.
They often go camping and day trips.
Send the tokens to: 11 BilsdaleRoad of TS4 2qr Fort Millan.
The ninth red car brownie is a girl between the ages of 7 and 10.
They love to play games, sing songs, make crafts, make all kinds of badges, take part in mime and educational tours, visit other Brownie and guided units and have the chance to go for a packed holiday.
Send token to: 2 Warwick Road, red car TS10 2HA.
Fort Myers is a non.
Profit organization, meeting every Tuesday.
We are brewing guidance for 100.
Send the token to: Mrs. M Quinn, 83 Answorth Road, Spencer, TS7 9QB.
Abby\'s love was founded in January 2007 to commemorate our beautiful 10-year-
Daughter Abby Jane Clark, who went to bed on December 1, 2006.
So far, we have raised £ 50,000 from various charitable activities.
The funds raised this year will be used for epilepsy research.
The money will be sent to James Cook University Hospital.
Send tokens to: 45 Grange Farm, kubinuhan, Fort mi, ts80sb.
The Albany youth center provides a bright and warm place for everyone in the local community.
Our youth staff and volunteers offer a variety of different activities, including games, dance and occasional trips, and more.
It is open to everyone and is a place to go.
Send the token to: 4 Norton Westland Avenue, Stockton on TS20 2PD Tees.
Twenty students from All Saints CE Secondary schools in grade 5 will travel to Namibia.
To help poor children, we need to raise a total of £ 38 000.
We will help make many improvements to a school in the local community.
Send tokens to: TS17 0TY No. 15 ingbi Barwick garden in Benin.
Ann Charlton guest house is a family that operates independently for patients with MS and other related central nervous system diseases.
Accommodation was provided for 25 residents.
We always need money to repair and replace the equipment.
Send tokens to: Charlton Inn in red car Eden Hall Grove, TS10 4PR. A. S. S. I. S.
We are a group of parents who want to raise their children.
Our children need money for primary school.
Thanks to the strong support of the students and their families, we are very pleased with the amazing funds raised by the last two wish campaigns.
We were excited to get the scissors and glue out, hoping to have another year of the week.
Send tokens to: TS7 0AJ mibao nothorpe Avenue Primary School.
Bankfield Primary School holds an art week every year, with more than 300 students, parents and people from the local community participating in the event.
The money from last year\'s wish fund was used to hold various seminars with local artists.
In order to improve the school environment, some works of art were created at the seminar.
Send tokens to: Bankfield Primary School, TS6 0RZ Eston Mansfield Road.
Bede eco-Committee we hope to establish an eco-park in Bede to involve students and communities in tackling climate change and actively improve the region.
We want to include offsetting the college\'s carbon footprint and increasing the functionality of wildlife
Diversity and environmental education for participants.
Send tokens to form 6 SRC Bede, TS23 3HB than Linghan swamp house Avenue.
Beechwood Elementary school sends tokens to Beechwood Elementary School, TS4 3AP Beechwood Avenue, Fort miburg.
Beechwood Youth FC, under 14, we are working to raise money for new equipment and late-season travel in greater Yarmouth.
The team worked very hard and, most importantly, the trip was a pleasant experience.
Send tokens to: 10 Anglesey Avenue, TS3 0HA mibao.
Baili resident Garden Club offers a wide range of activities for all Residents.
Due to its popularity, we hope we can continue our gardening activities in the winter.
Send token: Belle Vue nursing home, 26a Belle Vue Lin, Fort Myers, ts42px.
Members of bilingham Amateur Swimming Club are between the ages of 3 and 80
Funding volunteer clubWe teach non-
Swim through the tocompetitive standard.
This year\'s achievements include the participation of three players in the British national competition, the participation of one player in the European Youth Championship, the participation of two players in the England talent swimming program, and the participation of one player in the Olympic 2012
Send the token to: 19 Kettlewell Close of TS23 3DQ than Linghan.
Since 1951, the Bellingham choir has been entertaining audiences at Teesside.
On Wednesday night, at Bellingham, the chorus of mixed voices was rehearsing, and new members were always welcome --
Especially the tenor and bass.
Send tokens to: Mrs. Wilson, 28 Whitehouse Road, 5EW TS22, Billingham.
Hariri bin hammarsh House Hariri is an established running club with more than 50 members.
We serve runners of all ages and abilities between 8 and 80.
Any funds raised from the wish will be used to purchase network devices.
Send tokens to: TS22 5BL, No. 3, hanludeston Avenue, Beiling.
Our mission is to achieve equality between blind people and those with partial vision, to give full play to their potential and to integrate into society.
To meet the unique needs of the blind, we offer a wide range of services.
Losing sight leads to despair. We believe we can change their lives.
Send tokens to: Voice of the blind, 27 Yarm Road, Stockton, TS18 3NJ, UK.
Stockton district swimming program (BOSSS)
BOSSS is a training program for promising local swimmers aged 8 and over.
Several of our swimmers are considered potential competitors in 2012 Olympic Games and other competitions.
Your support for \"hope sports\" can help us fund training camps and provide our young people with great opportunities to further develop their swimming potential.
Send tokens to: TS19 7AF, 34 Grosvenor Road, Fairfield, Stockton.
Bowlesfield elementary school sends tokens to: TS18 3JE bowlesfield Elementary School, North Court Street, Stockton.
We are voluntary, self-conscious.
Sports groups that support patients with lung disease and their caregivers.
On Tuesday, we met with a qualified fitness instructor and a breathing nurse at thesouthland leisure center.
We would like to invite our team to have a meal this Christmas.
Send the token to: TS14 8AX 9 Avon Avenue, giesboro.
I applied for the Breckon Hill Gardening Club last year to help grow vegetables and now we want to raise money for a company that grows vegetables and seed flowers.
This will help children to understand how vegetables are grown so they can enjoy the food they grow.
Send tokens to: Breckon Hill School, Breckon Hill Road, Fort ts42ds.
Brotton\'s 60-year-old lunch club sends tokens to: 4 Brotton Avenue, TS12 2 PS.
We have a garden club at Burlam Road Care Home.
We enjoyed growing vegetables and flowers this year.
We want to develop a memory garden.
We would also like to buy a summer house with plants and window boxes and create a place to sit down and honor friends.
Send tokens to: Care Home, Burlam Road, 113 Akram, TS5 5AR Middlesbrough.
We have been gradually introducing game time devices.
It turns out that this is very popular among the children;
Therefore, the equipment is in good use.
We will use our money to replace worn or damaged equipment and would like to have an external power outlet installed so that the children can listen to music.
Send tokens to: Cadmon Primary School, Grand town, TS6 7NA mibao.
Redcar & Cleveland is an independently registered charity that provides information and support to caregivers.
While the main support work is funded through various grants and projects, we are seeking funding to continue to provide training, social activities and much-needed complementary therapies to caregivers.
Send the token to: 23 queensstreet, TS10 1AB red car.
Central Area Guide brownie and rainbow send tokens to: TS18 4 hours 152 Oaks Bridge Lane, Stockton.
ChalonerPrimary school ptfa chaloner Primary School PTFA was established by parents and staff in 2006 with the aim of raising funds for children of Chaloner Primary School
We are in our third successful year, providing resources for schools such as reading programs, sports, power resources and funding for the Christmas party.
Send tokens to: chanena School, Wilton Lane Abbey base, Gainsboro.
To: Tony Eastwood (Trustee)
, GoodswensSolicitors, 118 High Street, Red Car, TS10 3DH.
Charlton Community center we are a charity in a small community that operates a community center serving local people in Charlton and surrounding areas.
We rent the lobby for events and features and always need funds for maintenance and renovation work.
We are currently looking for a better entrance.
Send the token to: Saltburn, 64 Charltons, Mr. G Fawcett-by-the-Sea, TS12 3DB.
Children\'s Deaf Youth Project (CDYP)
Send tokens to: Fort Myers Earthquake Center, No. 3 south of Fort Myers Park Road, ts56ld.
Our wish is to provide a wonderful outdoor play area for our nursery and reception children.
We would be very grateful if you could fulfill our wishes.
Send the token to: King ChristC.
TS17 9JP sounabit Avenue Primary School.
Cleveland search and rescue team volunteers provide rescue services in and around the moors in northern New York.
It was founded in 1965 and has not received official funding, depending entirely on the generosity of the public.
The team attended 32 conference calls this year.
Save lives in wild and remote areas.
Send tokens to: TS7 8QG Fort millon 14 Margill close.
Cleveland youth club for visually impaired or blind children start youth club.
The club allows children to participate in activities that can be attended.
Healthy children are taken for granted.
It not only provides children with insight into what they can do despite their disability, but it also provides parents with a degree of respite.
Send tokens to: Walton house gable, malgrove Park, giesboro Road, TS12 3BU.
Red Coast Guard (DFS)
COASTWATCH Redcar is a voluntary group of 27 volunteers.
They give up their spare time to help those who may be in trouble at sea or along the coastline. With high-
Powered telescopes and new radar equipment DFS watch DFS operates 365 days a year to monitor se sending tokens: Mr Ray Preston, South Terrace 2, Redcar, TS10 3BJ.
This is a national charity that celebrates this year\'s Golden Jubilee.
The service is designed to promote the well-being of those who have lost their loved ones and to enable customers to understand their grief and cope with their losses.
Support is provided by volunteers and free to those who are in mourning.
Send the token to: 9-
11 Harris Street, Fort mi, ts15ef. DASDIC (
Darlington center for asylum seekers)
Imagine that you have to leave your family, home and country in order to start a new life, where you don\'t even speak the language?
Think about fear, worry and loneliness. Impossible!
This is a reality for asylum seekers.
Dashidi tried to be their friend and support them.
Help us to help them. Thankyou.
Send tokens to: DL3 8JD, Miss Rachel Dickinson, Baptist Church Center, Darlington corporate Road.
East Cleveland Bell sends a token to Orwell Close, Skelt Egglescliffe Parish Church. We have just completed two major projects and we have raised funds for three years.
These facilities include the provision of toilets and baby dressing areas suitable for disabled persons.
This means that in our regular services and social activities, we will welcome the entire community even more.
Send tokens to: Mr David Bart, Southrigg, 9 pine, Yarm, TS15 9EW.
We are a small registered charity that raises funds for adults with learning disabilities in Fort micburg.
At the same time, we are also a social forum where people can participate in various leisure activities.
Last year\'s cash helped US fund a new car with wheelchair access.
Send tokens to: Cumberland Resources, 5 Chelsmford Road, ts56phEssanyu -
Nunthorpe has helped Africa to connect with Ndekye schools in Uganda to create cultural, academic and social understanding between the two communities.
Visiting Ndekye will expand all of our experiences, enabling us to think and act sensitively about their needs, cultural beliefs and education.
Happy in Luganda.
Our goal is to bring happiness to everyone.
Send tokens to: TS7 0LA Fort Myers, noosop School, noosop Road, noosop.
The Fairfield Friends Association is the Parent Teachers Association of Stockton airport primary school.
Our goal is to enable schools and surrounding communities to work together through fundraising activities to promote the education and well-being of students at school facilities.
Send the token to: TS19 7PW Fairfield Primary School, Glenfield Road, Fairfield.
Focas send token: 24 Bransdale Grove, red car, TS10 5HG.
The fresh expression youth group is part of the St. Mary Schurch in Akram for children aged 7 to 14.
Team games, music, theater and crafts and some religious input help our children grow up healthilyrounded adults.
Our game went through a better day, hoping to give us a chance to update.
Send the token to: 32 Fort Akron konnistonov.
Friends at Bader Elementary School, as a small group of parents, grandparents and staff, we volunteered to take the time to raise funds to benefit the students at the school.
Previously funded and sponsored activities such as discotheques and tombolas raised by the family have contributed to the new sound system, library renovation, Christmas mime, regular cuisine and prizes
Send tokens to: t59by, Thornaby, KintyreDrive, Bader Elementary School.
Chandler Ritchie\'s friend, any funding will be used for additional activities or equipment to increase the educational opportunities and additional course activities that children provide at school.
Send the token to: TS7 0JL mildersburg noosop Chandler Ridge Primary School.
We are a group of employees, parents and friends who organize fundraising activities to improve the learning level of East Cleveland students.
We would like to be able to help transform the outside area into a garden and learning space through plants, trees and seating areas.
Send tokens to: freebrengineering Engineering College, Linden Road, Broton-by-the-Sea.
Hummersea friends of elementary school Hummersea friends is a voluntary organization consisting of staff and parents of children who are currently and have previously attended the hummerseymmary school.
The funds raised from the wish will be used to build another raised bed in our allocated area.
Send the token to: Hummersea Primary School, Loftus, TS13 4XD, Xitian Road.
Friends of Layfield elementary school, we raise money for the children at Layfield Elementary School.
We help ensure that all children enjoy school travel and hospitality, such as the annual pantomime;
Provide much needed funds for sports equipment and classrooms.
Send tokens to: Layfield Primary School, TS15 9TF Stockton Yarm Everingham Rd.
We are PTA at Union Farm Primary School.
Our fundraising activities provide equipment for all children in the school.
We hold many interesting activities for students throughout the year.
Last year\'s wish money bought some amazing instruments for everyone to use.
Send tokens to: Union Farm Primary School at eastton Eagle Cliff batfield Avenue.
Friends of the red car cemetery are a group of voluntary residents who have made many improvements to the cemetery.
We raised funds to provide a baby Memorial garden for those who are missing at sea or rescued from the sea and to rebuild two memorial gardens.
Can you save tokens for us?
Send tokens to: 44 hanbreton Avenue, Redcar.
Friends of St Margaret Way children in StMargaret Way temporary care have physical or learning disabilities.
Friends on St. Margaret\'s Road aim to raise money for kids to go on outings, buy new dramas and educational equipment, and raise money for gardening projects.
Send tokens to: 45 StMargaret\'s Way, Brotton, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, TS12 2UE.
Friends of St. Mark\'s Elm school is at the heart of our Stockton community, and we think the children we care for deserve the best.
We want to give our children something extra that goes beyond excellent education.
Every point we put forward is helpful.
Send the token to: Elm C of St. Mark. E. V.
TS19 7HA a primary school on Bishop Road in Stockton.
Friends of St. Thomas More Send tokens to St Thomas More elementary school in Iris Grove, TS4 3QH Fort Migo East.
Friends of Stewart Park work with park staff to monitor the restoration and development of parks and buildings.
They also aim to help the staff do the actual work in the park.
Promoting it as a major tourist attraction is also a key goal for the group.
Send the token to: 80 chesnath Avenue, Malton, TS7 8BX.
Friends set Cementery to send tokens: month Creekwood, set, Fort Myers, ts39rl.
Fundies send token: R of StClare. C.
TS5 8RZ Fort Millan Elementary School on tamden Avenue.
Guiding girls in Marske & New Marske district we offer a range of exciting opportunities and experiences for girls aged 5 to 25 in the community.
Since 2010 is our centennial, our goal is to make sure girls have a year to remember in new challenges and events.
Send tokens to: 76 Marske High Street-by-the-
Sea, Redcar, TS11 7BE.
We are girls five years old and over, and belong to the mentoring units of Sonabi, inglebibarwick, Yarm, and Eaglescliffe.
We are celebrating a hundred years this year.
We are collecting wish tokens so that all of our members can attend the celebration.
Send the token to: Strathaven Drive 9 of TS16 9HJ Stockton Eaglescliffe.
We are all volunteers in the local community dedicated to repairing part of the historic woodland gardens near the giesboro Abbey and opening to the public.
We often work in the garden, hold open days, raise funds, organize school visits, and study the history of monasteries and gardens.
Send the token to: TS47 8AT Guisborough 50 Severn Drive.
The Glastonbury House management board was successfully revived as a social lifestyle for tenants in the neighborhood.
We offer enjoyable activities and fun adventures while promoting a sense of belonging.
If everyone wants tokens, we will have the funds to continue.
Send tokens to: Donald Rycroft MBE, 131 Glastonbury House, Lindesfarne Road, TS2 0LG Mi Bao.
Glebe Playgroup sends tokens to: 121 Thames Road, TS22 5EU B \'ham Wolviston Court Manor.
The Great Ayton tourist information center is open daily from Easter until October, offering welcome services to tourists and residents.
We are all ourselves now.
Funds and regular funds
Let us continue to provide this service.
Send tokens to: TS9 6PD GreatAyton high green parking information office.
Glendfair Youth Club sends tokens to glendfair Youth Club, 11 Ridley Street.
The blind miburg branch guide dog provides mobility and freedom for the blind and for some visually impaired people.
We currently have about 114 Guide Dog Partners in Teesside and North Yorkshire.
We also launched campaigns for people with impaired vision.
Send token to: GDBA, ellhouse, 18 Ellerbeck Court, Barnesley business spark, Fort mi, TS9 5PT. Guisborough A. S.
Giesboro Amateur Swimming Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.
It currently has about 100 members, aged from 8 to 53.
The club competed in the Moore League won in 2009.
The club also hosts regional and national tournaments.
Send token to: 47 bracenberry Crescent, Redcar, TS10 2PP.
The gasboro Bridge Association is part of gasboro and aims to provide life and support to the core of the community.
Our activities include work for children and youth, weekly lunches for seniors, family dinners, parenting work, morning coffee, lunch and Christmas meals.
Send tokens to: TS14 6AF the c/o joint Reform Church at Bridge 56 west gate of gasboro.
Gleesboro cheerleading club: TS14 8PW, gleesboro, Winchat Tail 1.
The town of gasboro Football Club has more than 300 registered players, aged between 8 and adults.
We provide a safe environment for children to have qualified coaches to enjoy football.
Please save your tokens to help us and everyone is different.
Send tokensto: 10 wikenhan Avenue, TS14 8LE Gainsboro.
The vision of the Sports Gymnastics Club is to provide more and more opportunities for sports players. area.
We trained in a high quality facility at the University of miburg.
We also offer opportunities for all capabilities.
Send tokens to: TS70EA, No. 48, noosop high Gilg Road, Fort miburg.
Many of our children are from low-income families.
Sometimes the third generation of unemployed families.
We believe that education is the only way out of poverty, and we offer a high quality book as a gift to children in schools and nurseries at Christmas.
We will use our wish token to raise money to calm down our Christmas meal.
Send tokens to: Handale Primary School, West Park Avenue, TS13 4RJ Loftus.
Port support services ports provide support for adults and children who have been subjected to family abuse in Stockton, Fort Mito, Hartlepool and East Durham.
We give people information and support to make positive choices in their lives.
We do this by providing accommodation in one of our shelters or working with them in the community.
Send tokens to: TS18 1BT Stockton West Row Regency Palace Harbour Bridge Port.
Hardwick inPartnership Ltd. Sends the token to the enterprise and initiative Center of: Stockton Hardwick high newham Road.
Hadik Youth FC under 13: 8 Karl Ross Grove, Fairfield, Stockton, TS19 7 square feet.
High school friends are a group of parents and teachers who meet once a month to organize activities to raise funds to help fund different school programs.
We are currently raising funds to help update the computer kit and develop the wildlife area.
Send the token to: TS14 8AA g\'borough haycliffe Primary School, Heton Lane. H. M.
The PHolme House Visitor Center Association sends tokens to: H. M.
Ts182qu Stockton holmhouse Road holmhouse P.
Pig paradise hedgehog Reserve (HogHaven hedgehog Reserve)
Established on 1989)
24-hour care was provided to more than 1,500 orphans, patients and injured hedgehog to release a healthy and good home environment.
No animal has ever been refused treatment.
Holy Land believes that \"there is hope for life \".
Send token to: 56 West DYK Road, TS10 1HQ Redcar.
The overall cancer care center is a self
Funding charity, relying on its fundraising efforts to support patients and caregivers in dealing with emotional confusion and physical side effects of cancer diagnosis.
By providing complementary therapies, information and support, we improve the quality of life of our customers.
Send tokens to: Heather Goodwill, the overall cancer care center, James Cook University Hospital, Fort Myers Road, TS4 3BW. Home-
Start Teesside HOME-
Start is about parents who voluntarily support children under the age of five in their own homes.
It is an effective community resource that helps reduce segregation and connect families with the services they need.
We help build confidence and increase their health and well-being at the beginning of their lives.
Send tokens to: 35 Marshall Avenue, TS3 9AX.
Hope Animal Shelter is an organization managed by volunteers to survive through car trunk sales, tombolas and donations from the public.
For any size and variety of animals, this is a safe haven and they will be taken care of before finding the right home.
Please send your wish token to help.
Send tokens to: 1 White Cliff House in TS13 4AN Cleveland Loftus.
Kilton Thorpe school KILTON Thorpe School is a school dedicated to providing special educational needs for children aged 3 to 19.
We are currently raising money for topurchase outdoor instruments for interactive entertainment at primary playground.
Send tokens to: Kilton Thorpe School, Marshall Avenue, Broton, TS12 2UW.
Organ Association of langburg theater
On 1970s, the organ association of the lamburg theater rescued the powerful woollitz organ from the Granada cinema in Bedford.
It is now installed in the James Finigan municipal hall in Eston and played by professional artists at a monthly public concert.
Each point helps to increase the running cost of the concert.
Send tokens to: 31 Norman bi Kensington Avenue, Fort mi, TS60QQ.
We are a community-based group managed by volunteers for parents, carers and toddlers.
We offer a fun hobby, learning atmosphereschool years.
All children benefit from the background or needs when we keep our subscriptions low.
Any money we receive from Wish will be used to update our materials and equipment.
Send token to: 12 white oaks Close, Redcar, TS10 2SS.
MandaleMill Primary School (PTA)
Mandale Mill Elementary School recently managed to secure funding to build the infrastructure of an outdoor classroom.
We are now busy raising funds to allow the purchase of plants and the creation of various habitats that enable our children to enjoy, nurture and learn by exploring outdoor activities.
Send the token to: TS17 8AP Sonoma peso entree Road mandaryl primary school.
Established in the 1970 s, Marske Bowling Club has more than 100 bowling members.
The club has eight teams playing in the league, three, one lady and four mixed teams.
We are all a self.
Enough clubs to maintain our own green and repair our own machines. .
Send tokens to: Musk Mount Pleasant Avenue-by-the-
Sea, Redcar, TS11 7BW.
Marske community pop music we are a group of volunteers who organize pop music. In his 50 s.
Our regulars benefit from housewives for a nominal fee.
The profits earned are used for regular monthly business trips.
We also offer free Christmas lunch entertainment.
Any money from wishes will be used to prepare Christmas gifts for our regulars.
Send tokens to: No. 12, Fengshan Lane, Musk-by-the-Sea, Redcar.
We are a committee that helps raise money to support our martial arts and taekwondo clubs.
The club consists of men and women aged four to adults.
Wish can purchase further facilities that are urgently needed.
Send tokens to: East Croft Luo 17, TS6 7ET Fort Grangetown.
Malton FC under 7 is a young football team playing in the Cleveland Youth League.
The team consists of 10 players between the ages of 5 and 7.
All players are talented players, and the future is full of hope.
Send tokens to: 11 Hardick Avenue, Akram, Fort ts57as.
Marton FC under the age of 14 sends a token to the Danesbrook Court 11 of TS17 0OX Stockton InglebyBarwick.
Marton Hall Drive, under the age of eight, will play a bank holiday championship.
This will help our children to have a good time playing football while also giving them the opportunity to become stronger friends and better team players.
Send tokens to: 10 Maidstone Avenue, Malton, TS7 8QW.
We look forward again to the support of all of you.
With your help, we paid grants for two nurses at the University of Leeds.
Professionally trained nurses help people in the long term and will benefit all relevant personnel.
Send tokens to: TS8 9JS Fort Hemlington Bradbourn Gardens 60.
We have been together for a few years, and for the past two years, we have been self-
Funded by coffee shops and cake stands.
We have classes, speakers, and sometimes we just talk.
Sharing our experiences, knowledge, and dilemmas as caregivers has really benefited us a lot.
Send tokens to: 59 Kubi Manor Farm, Kubi newhhan, mibao, TS8 0RY.
We are a local mental health charity that supports people with mental health problems.
There is a mental health problem in every four adults and we can help with many different services, including our drop service
In the center, which is open six days a week.
Send tokens to: Fort mi, 1st/F, No. 47, broken Grange Road, TS1 5AU M.
We are a small group of people with disabilities and the whole population and have social parties every Monday.
We continue our outing, but this year we are offering first aid courses for disabled people and can help pay for them as most of our members are enjoying benefits.
Send tokens to: No. 35 Penistone Road, end of Fort Myers Park.
We\'re a self at Fort Myers roller hockey club.
Fundingroller hockey club is aimed at different ages of 8 to 42 years old, competing in the region and across the country.
Send the token to: DL15 9GQ, 2 Kluk Road, Durham County.
Fort Myers mall delivers tokens to: 1st-storey parking lot at Hills\' Street Mall, Fort Myers, ts1te.
We are a competitive club with more than 100 members.
We want to raise funds to buy important land training equipment for the development of clubs and swimmers.
We have several swimmers of national and international standards.
Swimming is a great way to stay healthy and meet new people.
Send tokens to: swimming office, Neptune Center, Ormesby Road, TS3 7RP.
Middleton Wanderers JFC send tokensto: 18 hairy legs, Middleton St George, dl21gd.
Moonlight Badger (
Support the St. John Ambulance badger team (
5 to 10 years old).
We are in urgent need of new equipment and uniforms.
Our badgers strive to get badges in terms of useful life skills such as first aid and safety.
Send tokens to: TS10 2EF, Redcar, 25 Borough Road.
More than 50 years ago, villagers of murzem built the memorial as their war memorial.
If we are to continue to honor the people we have fallen, it now needs to be modernized to sustainable standards.
We want a little renovation but we need to raise tens of thousands to pay for it.
Send tokens to: moorham Memorial Renewal Fund, 32 moorham High Street, Salisbury-by-the-Sea, TS12 3JH.
Association of Motor neuron diseases (Cleveland)
The Cleveland branch of the motor neuron disease Association was established in August 1987.
We are one of the 100 branches in the UK and our duty is to support patients and caregivers affected by this terrible terminal illness.
We provide equipment, liaise with health care professionals and raise funds for care and research to send tokens to Mrs Pat Rutter, 65 Kader Avenue, Akram, TS5 8NH Middlesbrough
The multiple hardening treatment center is an independent local charity that provides treatment and support to MS patients and their families and carers.
Our goal is to provide treatment, support and information to MS patients, opened by MS in 1985.
The center offers a variety of vitamin therapies, including high-dose oxygen therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy.
Send tokens to: TS6 6JB, MS treatment center, Unit B1, wallis road stadium, Ind Manor, Captain Lane, South Bank.
My sister\'s place our service provides all the advice a woman needs to find herself in a violent relationship.
We work with women to ensure that their needs are met and work with lawyers and consultants. We are the one-
One-stop service for women suffering from domestic violence in Fort mi.
Send tokens to: 123 Boro Road, TS1 3AN.
Myton Park primary school sends tokens to: TS17 5BL Myton Park Primary School, InglebyBarwick Blair Avenue, Stockton. New Horizons (Teesside)
We are a small charity that supports those who recover from mental health problems.
Our goal is to support the life of our service users.
Reliable in the community.
We provide supportive housing for our service users working with the housing association.
We also help maintain the lease and provide support from our dedicated team of social workers.
New Horizon (Teesside), C. M. H. R.
C, Park Road North, Fort mi, TS1 3LF.
New Musk Football Club
The 9-year-old football team is trying to create happy childhood memories by taking our boys on a football trip.
The money we raise from the wish token will greatly help to reduce costs.
Send tokens to: 6 Swanage Drive, Redcar, TS10 2RH.
Temporary, emergency and long term service at night
Provide long-term accommodation for homeless young people aged 16 to 25.
Young people are placed at the home of volunteers.
Young people who are recommended to stay at night can get free advice and support on housing and welfare issues.
Send tokens to: 17 Queen Street, TS10 1AB red car.
Normanby community forum we are a small group of dedicated people who meet on the first Tuesday of each month.
We are constantly raising funds and taking advice from local communities.
We will also visit new projects in local gardens, flower buckets and wildlife gardens.
Send tokens to: 4 crowning courts of the TS60JY Normanby, Weigh & Mix.
Norman Manchester United is a local club that provides a safe environment for children from all regions to enjoy football.
We have our own team and want to expand that.
All the money raised by Wish will be used to update our mini football goals.
Please fulfill our wishes.
Send tokens to: 23 South Park Avenue, Norman bi, Fort mi, TS6 0NS.
North Ormesby JFC
8s sends tokens to the Greenway of ts39pf Fort Myers Greenway tree.
North Ormesby U10s (FC)
North Ormsby
The 10-year-old is a group of boys who like to play football on Sunday.
The boys are trying their best to raise money to participate in a competition.
It would be great if you could help them.
Send token to: 31 Ambleside Grove, Akram, Fort mi, ts57dq.
A team in North Ormsby U13s sent the tokens to: TS37NS Fort mi, 23 coldale Road, Berwick Hill.
North omesby U14 football team North omesby Football Club provides a good environment for teenagers of all ages to learn and enjoy football.
The club is recovering from arson attacks that burned thousands of pounds of equipment earlier this year. TheUnder-
After the promotion last season, 14 teams entered the First Division of TJFA.
Send tokens to: 5 springban Road, Ormesby, TS7 9EL Fort mi.
Norton bowling club was in Norton (Teesside)
The club has been a sports complex for most of its 60 years.
In order to continue to promote and provide flat green bowling balls to everyone in the area and to provide facilities for new members, we urgently need funds for the necessary equipment, renovations and other overhead costs.
Send the token to: Mr. James McNeil, 7 Norton Falcon Lane, Stockton, ts201ls.
Norton Hockey Club offers a great opportunity for anyone of any age or ability to learn or continue to develop hockey skills.
We are \"club first\" and a family-oriented club that is good at communication.
Send tokens to: Norton Hockey Club (Teesside)
Sports Center at Stockton Station Road on ts201pe Tees.
Norton toddler games we book
School play group for catering for children.
We provide learning, development and social opportunities by playing in a safe, happy and caring environment.
Send tokens to: TS20 2HS Tees, Stockton, Norton, 11 Gladfield Road.
Noosa schoolT.
A Noosa school. T.
A begins in the spring of 2009.
Our main purpose is to raise funds for the benefit of our students.
In order to achieve this goal, we plan to organize various activities.
Our goal is to be a voice with no decision.
Do it at school.
Send the token to: 5 Muirfield of TS7 0JN Fort mi nothorpe.
Open House OPEN House is a group of ladies from the Grove Hills Methodist Church who provide hot nutritious lunches to community residents every Thursday at reasonable cost.
If there is any profit, it will repay the outstanding loan on the redeveloped building.
Send the token to: 9 bee Ford Avenue, Akram, ts57jd miburg.
Overfield sprimary school overfield primary school is looking to develop a piece of school grounds into a sensory garden that students and their families can enjoy.
Our fledgling gardeners have ideas, but they need money to buy plants, soil, growers and seats to create this peaceful but colorful paradise.
Send tokens to: Overfields Elementary School, osmsby Daisy Lane, TS7 9JF miburg. P. C.
C Commission sends tokens to St. Agnes community garden, 33 Edleston Avenue, Fort East.
Phil Thomas boxing school sent tokens to ts56ru at 30 lynthorpe Tinke Avenue, Fort miburg.
We are a non-Pioneer Credit Union.
Provide all-round financial advice to our members.
Send the token to: TS1 2SJ meeting center of the Elders Court.
The game time Tots was started by Surestart, but unfortunately the Tots were canceled due to a shortage of people.
I am trying to get this group back up due to the needs of the masses, but we now have a very successful Game Group in this poor area.
However, we still need more money and hope that will help.
Send tokens to: Surestart, children\'s center, glanger Road, glanger town, Fort Myers.
The goal of our group is to help stroke patients overcome the feeling of loneliness and loneliness.
In addition to entertainment and social activities, we hold meetings every month.
We also try to host events on Christmas and Easter, which can be a particularly lonely time for some of our members.
14 Beech Court, Ferndale, Stockton, T-shirt. TS19 0XR.
The Prickly Mouse Reserve was established six months ago.
We are currently trying to raise £ 1,000 to buy a new hazzis and a shed for the dozens of hedgehog we have repaired and released.
Send tokens to: 54 Mi Bao newhankubi Ridge.
The money we get from Wish will be used to send our football team to the Netherlands next year.
For kids, this is a great opportunity to experience different cultures and fight against teams from other countries.
Send tokens to: 19 th century Crescent Hotel, Norton Hotel, Stockton Hotel
Pyrenees 2010 next year, a group of about 30 Explorer Scouts from the Tees Valley.
A challenging adventure will take place in the Pyrenees mountains of France.
Boys and girls are between the ages of 15 and 18.
Send tokens to: TS55HH, No. 20, Linthorpe wychley Avenue, Fort miburg.
Queensland Dance Academy we are a local dance school offering courses in ballet, tap dance and modern stage.
We have two students over the age of half. The biggest one is great grandmother.
Every year, the Academy hosts a show and any money received from wish will be used to pay for it.
Send tokens to: Sterne Cottages on 20 th Street, TS12 2ED Skelton.
Send tokensto to Leavenworth Junior High School: Leavenworth Junior High School, Normanby, Leavenworth Avenue, Middlesbrough, ts60ee.
REDcard and District Breathercise red car sex Breathercise is a type of exercise and support group for these withlung diseases.
We help them to live a positive life as fully as possible and gain confidence in the presence of others with breathing problems.
Social activities help ease loneliness and depression.
Send the token to: 5 West View, Redcar, TS10 2BT.
We offer gymnastics and tumbling for boys and girls over the age of four.
Our voluntary running club has 165 new gymnasts. elite standard.
We are proud to provide something to all our children.
We need money urgently for a bigger house.
Send tokens to: 3 kirkletham Street, Redcar.
Redcar Sunny Days Playgroup sends the token to: Redcar Sunny Days Playgroup, Redcar Community College, Redcar, TS10 4AB.
Red Car Town JFC is restoring rides at momom Memorial Park in dummystown.
This will make us more integrated with the local community.
The location of this site is perfect for us to encourage children from less privileged backgrounds to join.
Send the token to: 6 Hythe Close, Redcar, TS10 2QP.
We train every Wednesday and Saturday at brogh Park and play at Redcarand on Sunday.
Redcar\'s chemist Scottchem has recently sponsored us, but we need the money to pay for sports clothes and courts and referees. Please help.
Send tokens to: Moira Williams, 1 Bolton, Cleveland red car.
Rosebrook Elementary School is located in the heart of Roseworth Manor.
Our mission is to raise expectations and inspire all the children in our school.
We believe they deserve the best and try to provide them with the best.
Send tokens to: Rosebrook Elementary School on TS19 9LF Tees, ludyad Avenue, Roseworth, Stockton.
Roseworth Lodge is a family hotel that provides comprehensive care and accommodation for 48 residents.
Our residents enjoy evening entertainment and entertainment.
Last year, the money we raised from Wish helped us bring some of our students to Whitby and also enabled us to arrange more entertainment.
Send tokens to: TS19 9BY Stockton house of care at Roseworth cottage on Red Hill Road.
S & N Dance Fund S & N Dance Center is a dance school located in bilinghan.
The school teaches tap dance, modern dance, ballet and ballet for children and adults of all ages.
Dance schools take part in local competitions and dance in London, Manchester, Blackpool and Paris.
Send tokens to: 55 Kestrel Close, Norton, Stockton, ts20sf holy heart youth club
Sorteburn animal rescue association we rescue and rebuild
While educating the owners of benefits and care, they are also educated.
We are now busy raising money for a Catry and quarantine area.
Thank you very much for your support.
Big licking and purring.
Send token to: 28 Turner Street, TS10 1AZ red car.
Saltburn \'53 drama club send tokens to: Marine Parade of Saltburn-156by-the-Sea, TS12 1DP.
Our goal is to save our stray and gray dogs.
Family dogs from England.
We believe that all dogs, no matter how old they are, should have a chance.
We are all volunteers who are passionate about our work and get the full amount of money through public donations and fundraising.
Send tokens to: TS14 7AY Rievaulx Way 46 in Gainsboro.
We are an Irish dance school with courses in Akram and sonabby.
Dancers, aged from 3 to 18, perform a combination of traditional and original choreographed work.
Many of our dancers enjoy participating in competitions and performing at local events and fundraising events.
Send the token to: TS5 7DG mibao, No. 92 Grove, akanconiston.
Sea student Fort sebrogh seacades is part of a youth organization that voluntarily wears uniforms and is open to all young people aged 10 to 18.
The purpose of the Marine trainees is to provide fun, friendship, adventure and learning new skills based on water and land
Based on activities.
Send tokens to: TS14 8LT Fort 5 scholar gate.
SeatonCarew RUFC (Junior Section)
We may be a small rugby club, but our boys and girls, aged between 6 and 16, are committed to learning the skills of rugby.
We are raising money for new training equipment and uniforms.
Send tokens to: Verbena Drive 10 than Linghan.
Shaw Trust SHAW Trust is a charity that provides training and employment for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.
Our Grangefield project inStockton is a garden site with three acres of land supporting 30 clients and several volunteers.
This project helps them acquire new skills and confidence.
Send tokens to: TS18 4PH Stockton T-shirt 196a, bisencton Road
During the summer, Skelton Primary School kindergarten has done a lot of construction work for the creation of two nurseries, enabling us to meet the growing needs of the community.
Any funds raised from the wish will be used to purchase books, games, puppets and cds, which will benefit the three and four-year-olds of Skelton.
Send tokens to: TS12 2LR, Skelton, Salisbury, Station Lane, Skelton primary school.
Skelton United JFC sends tokens to 6 Tynedale Close at: TS12 2WR Skelton.
Special needs children\'s carnival SNCC to raise money for the most unique party ever!
Children with special needs are often isolated from society and even their own families.
SNCCparties invites all categories of special needs children and their siblings to a free party.
Parents or carers supervise there by spending happy, quality time together.
Send tokens to: 10 Redmarshall Church Lane, TS21 1EP Stockton.
St. Gabriel Elementary school we are small in size and loving schools strive to improve off-campus activities that we offer to students.
We hope to buy new equipment for our free club after school and lunch time.
Thank you for any help you provide by donating tokens.
Send tokens to: St Gabriel Primary School, Ormesby Allendale Road, TS7 9LF.
St. . C.
Alphonsusr, principal of primary school. C.
Located in elementary school in North omesby.
We are working to raise funds to provide computer software and building equipment as part of our creative curriculum.
We plan to hold some fundraising events in the near future, but would like your help very much.
Please help us enrich our study.
Send the token to: Miss AMcCann of St arfonsus R. C.
Elementary School, Cadogan Street, noosombe, m\'brogh, ts36px. St Helen\'s P. C. C.
We are a small group that keeps raising money to keep the church open, located under the steel mill, on the edge of the cliff top, off the edge of the community.
We need to raise £ 5,000 for organ repair and maintenance to ensure the future of the organ for future generations to enjoy.
Send tokens to: Mrs. K. M. Marshall, 15 Coronation Road, Saltburn Loftus-by-the-Sea, TS13 4SN.
St. John Ambulance day care center in our area-
The care center provides the elderly in the community with the opportunity to interact with others in similar situations.
Otherwise, these people will be isolated at home.
We do our best to use the resources we have to make their time with us as enjoyable as possible.
Send tokens to: St John Ambulance day center, Jubilee Road, Fort Eston, TS6 9QQ.
St. Joseph eco group our goal is to create an outdoor classroom and wildlife area for our school community and provide green skills for our students.
We encourage communities to join our ecological journey.
We need your support to help us with benches, Bird cases, raised beds and more.
Send tokens to: St Joseph RC Primary School, ts42nt m\'brogh Morton Road.
We would like to set up a mother and Early Childhood group for all moms and toddlers in the Whinney bank area.
The organization will provide social interaction.
It takes money to buy toys.
Send tokens to: TS70AN mibao noosop Windsor Crescent 8.
We want to raise funds to help start some funding within the school.
This will provide an opportunity for our community to work together to produce their own fruits and vegetables.
It will also help our children understand the world around them and how to help the environment.
Send tokens to: RC Primary School PTA at StPatrick, Fairfield derlinfield Road, TS19 7PL Stockton.
Parents and Friends of St. Paul\'s School, we give our students a brighter environment for them to have a little bit of spare time fun!
We would like to add a little color to our game group which has been redesigned
Site selection due to construction work.
The students are ready for the design and the volunteers are working hard, but we need materials.
Send tokens to: TS14 8DN St. Paul\'s School on gasboro Avenue.
Stamp revisit is a mental health charity that provides independent publicity services for mental health service users.
Sometimes people with mental health problems feel vulnerable and need support to hear them.
Our role is to make sure you have a say in what is happening and what is important to you.
Send the token to: ts43af Fort Micheal St Luke hospital stamp revisit.
Stockton Amateur Swimming Club send tokensto: 13 Langthorne Gardens, T-shirts for Hartburn, Stockton, ts185pl.
Stockton West side FC we are currently managing teams from under 10 to the top and are not breaking the money to raise money for the benefit of all our players.
As the oldest junior football club in Stockton, we want to attract all the former
Players help us collect desire tokens to provide the equipment we need urgently.
Send tokens to: TS23 1DS No. 4, the old road of Linghan.
The rebesley RDA Group is the youngest group in the region.
We have a committee that works hard to raise money to get our riders to compete locally and nationally.
We just got back from the national championship with lots of tapes and trophies in our hands.
Send tokens to: 10 toxley Road, TS9 5LW Stokes.
Information Staff and volunteers on the street work with members of the local community to improve the quality of life of the residents.
We support those who have suffered.
Social behavior and crime
We also provide information and advice on various issues such as housing, employment and training.
Send token to: 109-
111 Parliament Road, Fort mi, TS1 4JE.
Sunshine Project send token: 14 Roworth Road, TS3 9PT. T. I. B.
The American Football club TIBS Football Club, located in Ingleby Barwick, offers children, boys and girls over 200 years of age the opportunity to participate in a structured football environment.
We have representation in every age group in TJFA8s to Under-16s.
Send the token to: 38 benica Grove in Stoke ingbybarwick.
We help those who have recently suffered a heart attack, heart surgery, or any other heart-related disease.
We firmly believe that with the right care and support, you can still live a healthier, happier, fulfilling and active life.
Send token to: 195 Redcar Lane, Redcar, TS10 2EJ. Tees Valley.
TEESValley roller skating club trains Roller Skating Club in Fort miburg and competes at club, national and international levels.
Art roller-
Skating is a very enjoyable exercise, exercise, build confidence and reward.
Ashare of the wish movement will help the club with training, travel, equipment, clothing, etc.
Send tokens to: Miss Julia Bailey, 135 Linthorpe Cambridge Road, TS5 5HL.
Teesside capacity support center we provide care and life skills for adults with various abilities.
From time to time, we turn unused land behind the center of the day into an affiliated vegetable garden.
Please help us with our project.
You can turn your tokens into radish and cash into carrots!
Send the token to: TS5 4EG capacity support center at Teesside, Akram Road, Fort micburg.
We are the football team of the Teesside Youth Football League and need some money, so we can go to Skegness for the football match on Easter.
The team is trying to raise money and we would appreciate any additional help.
Send tokens to: 258 auverdale Road, end of TS30BU mibao Park.
The Teesside Hospice Center was established to improve the living standards of people in the area with life-limiting conditions for free.
We take care of more than 3,000 people every year.
Operating costs exceed £ 2 per year. 1m.
The third fee is provided by the local NHS, so we raise about £ 100 a day.
Send tokens to Teesside Hospice Trading Company, 410 Linthorpe Road, ts56hf mibao.
Teesside Woodturners associ we are the only woodworking group in the Teesside area and we meet every Wednesday at Linfield country center in Newham Kubi.
Our 85 members range from brand new starting players to professional Turner people who have a very rich range of skills.
We will perform in the summer and show in the public library.
Send tokens to: 5 fountain Crescent in TS69DF Fort Eston. Tees Valley.
Our choir is another choir known as the \"northern Choir\", which was founded in the summer of 200-3 years.
Starting at the age of 12, we now have 41 members.
We serve local organizations and raise money for charities.
Send the token to: Mr. Owen, 8 warsinham Avenue, Aklin, mibao.
Friends of the giesboro forest and walkway will send tokens to: TS14 8HD giesboro Pinchinthorpe visitor center.
The George Hardick Foundation supports more than 5,000 caregivers and patients in Stockton.
We offer professionalto-
A suggestion and information.
We have helped caregivers and patients get unclaimed benefits for more than 1 pounds 1 minute.
We also provideto-
Provide consultation, dating and support for bereavement.
Send tokens to: George Hardick Foundation, 23-
TS18 1PS 27b Bishop Lane Stockton.
Jessica jewelry Trust is a registered charity set up to commemorate our daughter, Jesse Harrison.
We help patients at the Children\'s Cancer Center at Newcastle RVI hospital.
We offer free accommodation in our holiday home and Jessica provides accommodation for these children and their families, many of whom are from Teesside.
Send token to: 31 romclose close, Redcar, TS10 2JT.
As a Christian faith organization, the Kara family program does not judge our spirit.
Regardless of race, faith, age, race or gender, our program is open to all.
We offer a range of services and activities for children, young people and parents/caregivers.
We are able to provide our services EstonCorridor, Coatham, Dormanstown part East Cleveland.
Send tokens to: Kara family project, Unit 8, South Bank business center, Norman bi Road, TS6 6RS South Bank.
The South Cleveland Heart Fund supports the magical regional thoracic surgery at James Cook University Hospital.
All donations are used to improve patient care and to keep the agency at the forefront of heart care.
Many Gazette readers will benefit from or know of friends or loved ones who are treated in the center, so please help us to help you!
Send tokens to: TS4 3BW Janet Crawford, Department of Cardiology, James Cook University Hospital, Marton Road, Fort miburg.
Founded in 1985, Sydenham Singers is a mixed voice choir of 47 Singers of different ages.
They sing and perform for free whenever they are invited.
So it makes quite a bit of money for various organizations, charities and hospitals in the UK and abroad.
The choir will celebrate its 25 th anniversary.
On the Tees TS18 4DG, send the tokens to No. 7, West Denham Road, Stockton.
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