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XINPAI Sports Company Activity


There is never a trip far beyond first brave pace! XINPAI sports company activity


From August 16 to 17, 2019, the Sales Department of Foshan Xinpai Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and their family members went to Conghua Hot Spring Villa to carry out team building activities.



This activity has two main themes: first, in the process of rapid development of the company, to enhance team cohesion, strengthen team integration, enhance communication and cooperation between the company departments, enhance team combat effectiveness, and reshape organizational passion; Second, release intensive work pressure, close to nature, improve enthusiasm for work, lay a good foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development.



At 9:50 a.m., the team building activities opened in the passionate attention of everyone, and the host-Gu-emphasized security and safety tips issue. Subsequently, all the players were randomly divided into groups to compete in “creative dumpling competitions”. And we voted the captains, named teams, designed team flags and slogan, so that the staff of all departments can merge quickly.

The slogans of "God of War, God of War, invincible war" and "Xinpai will win" echoed at the foot of Hot Spring Mountain for a long time.

In the afternoon, a series of small activities of the game team let us realize the importance of clear division of labor and mutual cooperation and obedience of the organizers. Through the competition, the relationship between team members has been further sublimated.

Dinner is still organized according to the morning groups, each group is responsible for making good dishes, and finally the children who attend the dinner are graded for each group dishes before dinner.

After dinner, General Manager Gu Zuming led to review the achievements of the first half of the year 2019. Department Managers Liu, Ou and Zhang made an outlook on the sales plan for the second half of the year. Then we had an interesting singing competition and barbecue.

The next afternoon, we said goodbye to Hot Spring Villa and enjoyed delicious food under the mountain.